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Love is an MMO with beautiful and original graphics. What is more impressive is that the game’s creator, Eskil Steenberg, is building this world entirely on his own. To help overcome the time consuming task of creating an entire world of game art by himself, many of the graphics in the game are procedurally generated.

Conceptually, it is a game based on exploration of an alternate world with friends, and not on violence or any other type of failure state, which is equally as impressive. Just the description of Love’s intentions are a breath of fresh air in a genre dependent industry. And, Steenberg isn’t selling out, he only wants a subscriber base of about 200 people to make the game worth hosting.

Love is everyone
This is a game to play with your friends, and their friends, not so many you will feel lost and never so few it will make you fell alone. You can make a mark, but like life, it is not a contest, its about the thing you do with the friends you have and the friends you make, as you go against all that is old and evil.

Love is evolving
The world is worth changing so get on to it, take your mates and build what ever you like your planet to be. Some of it is yours, some are your friends, and some just happens by it self. Sometimes it gos away and it makes you sad, But then again you know that kind of thing cant last. its a balancing act between love and loneliness.

Love is an endeavor
Whats better then you and your mates on an adventure for the benefit of everyone. Play when you want, make your mark, then go away to come back to see how its changed. There is always some thing new to discover. Love is not not a casual thing you need to take seriously, its the most serious thing you can get for a casual effort. if Love isn’t easy, your doing it wrong.

Love is yours
You wont be told a story, but you will get to live one. Its not what is given to you its what you do when you hold it. The more you give to more you get. Love your planet, and every one who is on it. We know you can, so just go for it. Its the right thing to do, and you know it.

But, Love aside, Steenberg has an incredibly impressive array of artistic tools and engines to aid his development. At the center of the game is his Quel Solaar engine. It has a central data storage with networking built into the core, so that all game data is shared between instances.

Quel Solaar is a real time 3D engine designed to take advantage of the Verse networking protocol. It is fully dynamic and requires no pre-processing of data. It has been designed to be used for any application demanding high quality real time visuals, such as games, simulation, visualization, education and social activities. The main difference from other engines is that Quel Solaar is designed to be fully networked. This means that all data visualized in the engine comes from a Verse server and that any part of the scene can be changed at any time. This makes it ideal for collaboration and an array of new applications. For instance, in a game designed with the Verse architecture the game designers can alter the world appearance in any way while players are in the game. You can also allow the players themselves to have the ability to change the game environment.

His other tools, including a scene editor and color corrector, connect to this data store technology, called Verse. I can think of at least one environment for multimedia art production that would benefit from a tie to this framework. Guess that adds another thing to my list…

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