Tenori-on Launch Party

Tenori-On Flyer  

The Tenori-on global launch party is coming up in San Francisco this Friday. The event features music from Tenori-on inventor Toshio Iwai along with Robert LippokPoleSutekhI am Robot and ProudNathan Michel, and Safety Scissors. This is a fantastic lineup, certainly for free, and everyone should sign up to make sure they get a slot.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Tenori-on is a new musical instrument that is part Monome, part Electroplankton, and part Kaossilator. It is the next in a line of musical instruments that are a cross between traditional instruments and toys, making electronic music production accessible while at the same time offering enough depth to create compelling works. This is vast uncharted territory, and the new surge of content creators from every walk of life will make these kind of tools all the more compelling, and serve to further break down the traditional model of the closed channel music industry.