Show: Bus Obscura (with Noah Phillips)

Bus Obscura Miami

Bus Obscura Basel

Bus Obscura New York 2

(Photos by Simon Lee)

I will be performing on Bus Obscura, a moving installation by artist Simon Lee, this Sunday. It has been in the Bay Area for the last week or so.

A single pinhole camera obscura is the ancient predecessor to the modern camera. It allows light through an aperture to project an image on an opposite surface.

Lee’s “Bus Obscura” takes the static image of a camera obscura several steps forward. He has blackened the windows of a school bus and made more than 1,000 camera obscura lenses on them.

When the bus moves, viewers inside watch the clear, bright images move — albeit upside-down and backwards. The result is an odd visual mosaic of trees swaying in the breeze and buildings, cars and people moving about.

I will be preforming on the bus with my friend Noah Phillips, a fantastic guitar player. Hopefully we can adequately accompany the visuals with some lush sonic washes.

The bus leaves from Rayko Photo Camera (428 3rd at Harrison) in San Francisco at Noon, and drives until Three. We have the first hour of the ride. 

It’s free.

Hope to see you there.

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