Siggraph Art: Wearable Forrest

Weareable Forrest

One of my favorite peices from Siggraph this year was Wearable Forrest by Hiroki Kobayashi, Ryoko Ueoka and Michitaka Hirose, University of Tokyo, Japan.

This dress has LED lights embedded throughout that are audio responsive; they glow in response to the loudness of audio piped in from a remote forrest in Japan. There is a speaker in the dress where you can hear the sound of the forrest, and particularly the sound of the birds. There is also a button on the dress that plays a recording of a bird call in the forrest so that the birds will respond to it, and thus activate the dress.

There are some nice concepts in this work about connecting you to the environment, and feeling at one with nature, but I really just like the idea of there being a microphone and speaker just standing somewhere in the middle of a forrest. Even if you came across it, which would be an amazing enough visual in itself, the ignorance you would have of not knowing what was on the other end is a pretty powerful thing for me. Just so happens, its a dress.

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