Microsoft’s Augmented Reality, Video Photosynth

I want augmented reality so bad it hurts. There is nothing that could make me happier than meta information displayed in my glasses’ lenses (Denno-Coil anybody?). This is a step toward the dream.

Al writes “Microsoft demonstrated new augmented-reality software for cell-phones at the 2009 TechFest conference, which was held this week in Redmond. Instead of using GPS or WiFi triangulation, the prototype system relies entirely on scene-recognition to identify its position and add virtual objects to a video picture of the real world. TechFest is a showcase for lots of projects at Microsoft’s various research labs. Other technologies on show included Photosynth for video, an image-tracking system for handwriting, a way of refining image searches using colors, and a 3-D version of Microsoft Surface.”

(via Slashdot)