Expo ’74

Expo 74 Logo

Happening in San Franicsco April 22nd through 24th is Expo ’74, the first user conference exclusively devoted to sharing knowledge about Max/MSP/Jitter. The three days are packed with workshops, presentations, and a science fair showcasing work from participants. It’s one of the more exciting events happening this year, and if you have any serious interest in Max, it’s hard to ignore it.  The presenter list is increadibly promising, including Robert Henke (Monolake), Dana Karwas, Barney Haynes, and Klaus Filip/Arnold Haberl (lloopp), Miller Puckette (pd~), Brad Garton (Rtcmix), and, from IRCAM, Olivier Pasquet, Manuel Poletti, and Emmanuel Jourdan.

The cost of registration is $395, but in my opinion, well worth it.