Tonight: QB1 presented by and Swissnex

This is late notice, I have been very busy with Expo ’74 this week and so have been behind on my web updates, but there is an interesting event happening at Swissnex tonight in conjunction with



Overlap is pleased to announce a new collaboration with swissnex San Francisco and YOU.

On April 24th swissnex is unveiling the QB1, a robot that alters the fundamentals of human-machine interaction. To celebrate the occasion, and kick-off a new relationship with swissnex, I will be dj’ing two short sets, and the max/msp freaks (= me, louis, barry) will be unveiling our own generative system of music. The goal is to fill the event space with beautiful ambient sounds via systems of constrained indeterminacy. This system will process and morph and resynthesize MIDI files that are submitted to by YOU (yay!).

If you’d like to submit, here are the guidelines for Overlap Music Bot submissions:

  1. All MIDI files must be in the key of Amaj, D#maj, or F#minor.
  2. Submission must be made through > sign-in and make a post with a link to your MIDI file(s). If you are not currently registered on you can do so here ! –
  3. No limit to the # of files you wish to submit.
  4. Credits to all artists involved will be announced at the event and follow-up posts about the QB1 event (more below).


7:00 pm Doors open, networking reception. Christopher Willits DJ set
7:30 pm Conference talk by Frédéric Kaplan and Martino d’Esposito
8:00 pm Reception and QB1 demonstration setting – sound environment by
10:00 pm Christopher Willits DJ set
10:30 pm Doors close


730 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
Free Event, but please register at: