Overlap Salon 05 – Max/MSP/Jitter/Live – April 29th, 2009

This Wednesday is Overlap Salon number 5, our monthly gathering for established or aspiring practitioners of Cycling ’74 or Ableton products. We are going to continue building on the patches we started developing last month, and learn how to load MIDI files into the custom processes we were defining in the last session. I’m trying to cater to both beginning and advanced users so expect to both brush up on your basics and be thoroughly confused.

We are also now the official Ableton Live users group for the Bay Area, and so expect content related to Live to increase as well.

Wednesday night April 29th, 2009 from 7-9 pm @ Sound Arts – 520 Hampshire street, suite #206 SF, CA 94110

This salon is hosted by Overlap.org and Sound Arts and mediated by Barry Threw. It is encouraged to bring patches, questions, and any sort of libations (those are drinks). We are excited that Ableton Live is now a part of the Overlap Salon, and we are the new Ableton Live user group of San Francisco !

Our salons are a mix of presentations and ad-hoc discussion, dependent upon what kinds of ideas and issues are brought to the table. Everyone is welcome regardless of previous experience, and we will try to cater to all skill levels. We also drink beer.

Max/MSP/Jitter and Ableton Live patches covered in the Salon will also be shared on Overlap.org following the event. All participants are encouraged to bring your their own laptop, and libations. WIFI provided in case you are bored.

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