May 2nd: CCA Interface Show

CCA interface flyer 09

This Saturday is the end of semester exhibition from the CCA interactive art classes. Invariably, this show presents some excellent work from students using video, sound, electronics, and robotics in often novel ways.

Art Using Technology Using Art
Saturday, May 2, 7–10 pm Tecoah Bruce Gallery at the Oliver Art Center, Oakland campus

From The Course Catalog:

This class will create chain reactions populated with objects that interact with one another by transmitting gestures and behaviors. The objects will be designed and implemented as individual projects reflecting the disciplines of each student’s practice. Kinetic sculpture, video projections, sound generating algorithms, or any media that has interactive sensibilities will be arranged so that when activated a domino effect will ensue. The shadow of a robotic hand could trigger a light sensor in a sound installation that sends data to a flash animation and causes a wave of panic through a herd of mechanical lemmings. The catalytic agents could range from the primordial to the digital. Water, fire, and air could be dispensed by electromechanical devices and interleaved with data packets and algorithms to induce a society of reactive agents. The connections will be given at the onset of the course and each student will negotiate the subtleties of their chosen connections with their peers. This platform will also be a venue to introduce practical skills in making kinetic artworks that incorporate some elements of machining, metal work, microcontroller programming and electronics. Emphasis will be placed on making reliable working systems that have gestural interest and interactive elements.

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