Recombinant Media Labs at UCSD

We are currently down in San Diego installing a new realization of Recombinant Media Labs. While similar in form and content to the original space in San Francisco, this installation has several key differences that make the project have its own unique set of challenges.

The current setup is build with components that are meant to be much more portable than the previous installation. It is intended to be able to be set up in any room of adequate size and acoustic requirements. Unlike the previous setup, with the screens attached to the walls, the new installation has the screens suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the room. This both allows for portability, and creates an amazing “cinema box” effect; the video is viewable from outside of the box.

The setup opens on Friday, if you are around the San Diego area, get in touch to view the new installation.

Naut at UCSD

RML UCSD Screen Install

RML UCSD cutting posts.

Naut Lifting

Attaching screens.