Recombinant Media Labs Opens at UCSD

The UCSD Recombinant Media Labs premiere came together nicely Saturday. A sampling of works were shown in our new cinema box format in the experimental theater at the new music building at UCSD. Also, a number of execellent graduating ICAM senior projects were screened.

We are overjoyed to have a new location to develop the environment; many technical improvements are planned that should enable a whole host of new compositional possibilities in surround cinema. Also, this installation will premiere a number of new works by RML artists both new and old. If you are near San Diego get in touch to see it.

RML SD Semiconductor

RML SD Arford

Mittlestadt 5

RML SD Mittlestadt 3

RML SD Mittlestadt

RML SD Pagano

RML SD Mittelstadt 3