LoveTech presents LearnTech


Old friend and “controllerism” evangelist Matt Moldover is one of the founding members of a new group called LoveTech that has been throwing various interesting events in the last couple of months dealing with music and technology. Their previous gatherings have been mostly performances out in various warehouses in the nether regions of San Francisco, tomorrow night they are presneting LearnTech, more of a Salon based event where electronic music practioners can meet and unravel some of the mystery behind their craft. There have been a great many of these electronic music “salon” type of events springing up recently with my own Max/MSP/Jitter/Live Salon, the BArCMuT meetup group events, and this new event, but LearnTech is worth keeping an eye on as their events have an different vibe than the previous.

Of note at this event are Vlad Spears, who presented an excellent controller + Max combo at the Overlap Salon last month, and Preshish Moments, whose custom MIDI Controller + software combo has produced some of the most interesting beat oriented music I’ve seen that is really live controlled. If you didn’t have plans on Tuesday night, don’t miss this event.

LoveTech presents LearnTech

Live Electronic Music Workshop/Performance Salon

Tuesday June 23rd
7-11pm at Space Gallery
1141 Polk St (@ Hemlock St)

The musicians, producers, artists, and innovators of LoveTech show you how they make it happen in a community building, discussion oriented music tech salon

Vlad Spears of Daevlmakr and Wolf Interval:,
Showing off the new Snyderphonics Manta controller and his Max/MSP tonal mapping app, Honeycomb

Performing live with MIDI controllers

Guitarist vs Controllerist: Traditional Instrument Techniques on Instruments FROM THE FUTURE

Preshish Moments:
Building a custom MIDI controller out of wood, nails and Max patches

Special Guest:
Timeline85 Productions:
Presenting ColorSynth Hallucination Technology – MIDI driven LED Lighting effects

Digital Jam Lounge by Rich DDT and Twiita:
Bring your laptop, synth, or any electronic instrument, plug in and play! A perfect environment to teach one another new music hardware and software.

Moderated by Rich DDT

Education and interaction have been integral parts of LoveTech since the beginning, with 1 hour workshops at the start of every event, interactive multimedia art installations, and a Digital Jam Lounge for trying out new audio (and visual) hardware and software and becoming a part of the performance. LearnTech expands on this idea by having engaging performers/presenters demonstrate their audio (or visual) craft and explore the technology behind it in an engaging and discussion friendly workshop, connecting the brilliant minds in our hyper creative community in a stimulating and fun environment.

Our 2-story location features mixed media art and a full service bar

This event is absolutely FREE :)
21+ only

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