LoveTech, Saturday 9/12

The LoveTech crew will be holding another electronic music this Saturday. LoveTech is always a good time, and showcases interesting electronic music and installation.

Saturday, September 12th

at Il Pirata 2007 16th st (@ Utah)

Moldover from the Past vs Moldover from the Future: Fight to the Death on the Dance Floor!

Mad Zach & R2 The Specialist
Weaving a unique hyper live sonic experience of heavy, analog, skronked-up funk step

Vapor Mache
Monome virtuoso up from Los Angeles, generating gorgeous glitch/downtempo/trip hop/IDM

Live hip hoptronica via monome & handmade controllers

9pm: TradeMark Gunderson of The Evolution Control Committee Illuminates his Interactive Sound Installation from this year’s Burning Man Base

Interactive Art Salon curated by Jean Rintoul
Gaze- A trippy Interactive Video Installation by Mary Franck
Hologlyphics – Amazing audio reactive real 3D animations by Walter Funk

All night VJ Mashup! with CSTING SHDWS, MZO, and Mediapathic

Digital Jam Lounge by Rich DDT – Sign Up Here and Bring Your Instruments!

ALSO Moldover Light Theremin CD’s will be on sale!
Check them out in this video
Featured here on Engadget and Gizmodo!

$7, 21+

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