9/19: Ohm 64 at Robotspeak

If you missed Peter Nyboer present the elegant new Ohm 64 controller at the last GAFFTA based Overlap Salon, then you have another chance to see it this Saturday at Robotspeak. Peter never fails to impress with the software he puts together for these controllers, and I hear he has some new audio applications built that should be worth checking out.

Clinic: Peter Nyboer of Livid Instruments

Saturday September 19th @ 6:00pm

Peter Nyboer of Livid Instruments will be hosting a free clinic on what we think is the most beautifully crafted MIDI control surface you can buy, the new OHM 64.
The Ohm64 is a highly flexible, high-quality MIDI controller, with a lot of possibilities. Eight sliders, one crossfader, sixteen knobs, a 64-button grid, plus an additional 15 buttons all adds up to a massive amount of control.
However, “possibilities” can be a daunting word when sitting down to make music. Peter Nyboer, software developer and partner in Livid Instruments, will be providing an overview of the features and some ways to work with the Ohm64 to help make sense of it all. He’ll show some examples in Ableton Live, Max/MSP/Jitter, and Livid’s own VJ software CellDNA (which comes free with the Ohm64). He’ll also dive into the open-source OhmSound synth that he’s been working on that serves as a great example of some of the things you can do when making your own instruments for the Ohm64.
AND ITS FREE! no RSVP required, so come on down.