Workshop. A new DIY space.

On Saturday night Jon Phillips and I, after Peter Nyboer’s Ohm64 presentation at Robotspeak, headed over to Workshop. a new place for DIY classes in building all manner of things. It’s great looking space on McAllister and Baker, and the opening part was packed with people…we even got to make our own buttons. The class schedule includes such favorites as “Rock and Roll Sewing for Dudes”, “Building a Lightbox out of an Old Desk Drawer”, and “Maker Friday” where you build several projects over the course of a day.
It seems like an exciting new addition to the SF maker scene that includes a couple of more electronics oriented groups such as Noisebridge.
workshop. a brick & mortar space. for all things diy.

Kelly Malone, founder and head purveyor of the bay area fave, the Indie Mart, will soon be opening the doors to her latest brick-and-mortar creation, Workshop. Located in an airy eight-hundred square foot space on the corner of Baker and McAllister, Workshop offers affordable DIY classes to the public, taught by many of the fabulous, creative folks from the Indie Mart, local designers, and of course, Kelly. Classes range from the single class for the commitment-phobics, to the more detailed, multi-day classes for those truly desiring to learn their craft. Workshop is equipped with a complete silk screening facility, sewing machines, button machines, and lots of tools for cutting, printing, building, and making. Workshop also offers a library stocked with how-to books, design books, and old magazines to turn the light bulb over your head to ON. The Workshop itself is a testament to the DIY spirit. Not only did Kelly design the space around recycled parts and rebuilt items from salvage yards, but she also built most of the Workshop fixtures by hand. In fact, Kelly is planning to teach how-to workshops on building many of the fixtures found within the space.
“I wanted to build off the energy of the Indie Mart and create a place where people of all skill levels, from clueless to expert, could come be inspired, learn, make and just hang out,” explains Workshop founder Kelly Malone. “People love the the Indie Mart because it’s co-ed, we blast rock and roll, we down beers, but we also live and breathe the idea that its better to make things yourself. With Workshop, we can take that idea to a level where everyone can be involved, not just designers.”

Fall and Winter classes include: screen printing, starting your own t-shirt line, interior design, tools and carpentry, pattern making, clothing reconstruction, bicycle maintenance, container gardening, kombucha making, canning and pickling, wine tasting for the beer guzzler, and printmaking. There will be a series of project-based workshops (especially around the holidays) that will teach you skills such as how to make a dog bed, how to build a lamp out of a whiskey bottle, how to rebuild old dresser drawers into shadowboxes, and how to make a compact coat rack for your tiny apartment. There will also be a business-oriented series for makers who have an amazing product line, but need to fill in the blanks on how to do the craft show circuit, how to market over the web, or how to build display fixtures for their products. Kelly has even lined up hot, tattooed personal trainers to teach such classes as death metal aerobics, yacht rock yoga, and rock & roll kickboxing. But when asked which class has her the most excited, Kelly answers with no hesitation: Rock’n’roll Sewing for Dudes.

“To all of my guy friends who complain that they’re too embarrassed to take sewing classes, Rock’n’Roll Sewing For Dudes will teach you to patch up your holey jeans, let out your high school rock tees to fit your post-teenage beer bellies, and sew old flannels into beer koozies, all while cranking Black Sabbath,” says Kelly. “It’s not about girly craft circles anymore. It’s about DIY culture.”

In addition to evening classes, Workshop will be open during the day for folks desiring studio time to use the machines. Workshop will also host movie nights (with popcorn & beers), DIY book release parties, guest speakers, clothing line launch parties, weekend long pop-up shops for awesome new designers, trunk shows and vintage sales, and much more.

Workshop’s opening party is Saturday September 19th from 7-11pm and will feature DJ’s, live silk screening and DIY fun for all. Workshop is located at 1798 McAllister, right next to the new NooWorks store. Classes start the week of September 28th. Find out more at If you are interested in teaching a class or donating supplies, contact Kelly Malone at

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