K-Bow at Violinale Berlin

For those in sunny Berlin, Oct 8 – 11 is the Violinale Berlin festival. On Oct 11, avant-garde fence-bowing improviser Jon Rose will be playing Palimpolin for tenor violin and K-Bow at Exploratorium Berlin.

The festival description courtesy of Google Translate.

Since the mid-16th to Andrea Amati Century, invented the modern violin has been an equally extraordinary and tumultuous history. Perhaps the most striking development was she in the age of Baroque, as could be the severity and contrapuntal constraints of the Renaissance behind. But this development will not cease. Over the centuries, the violin has always fascinated, surprised and inspired. Just to experiment and improvise plays a very important role today as it was in the Baroque period.

The Violinale 2009 provides an ideal forum in which to enjoy the fascination of the violin in its diversity and experience. From the straw-fiddle to the improvising string orchestra and the K-bow ‘, are older, and newer and latest developments of violin playing is concentrated in this festival. There are many facets of this instrument, which fills us with joy and curiosity, and the glorious history of the violin continues into the 21st century will bear.