Overlap Salon – Dia de los Maxos

Everyone is currently planning their costumes for All Hallows’ Eve’n but we at Overlap are preparing for a new tradition…the Dia de los Maxos, coming to you Oct. 28th at the newly opened and fully operational digital art battle-station, the Grey Area Foundation for the Arts. It is this on this day that dead MaxMSP patches and Ableton Live sets arise to again walk the earth, and we must sate them lest they saturate our music with cliches for eternity.


When – 28 October, 02009, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where – GAFFTA @ 55 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

RSVP- on the Facebook event or to connect@overlap.org

The Dia de los Maxos is an edition of the Overlap Salon series; a regular event devoted to sharing code, ideas and projects built with the media toolkit Max/MSP/Jitter from Cycling ‘74 and Ableton’s electronic music performance application, Live. Our salons are a mix of performances, presentations and ad-hoc discussion, dependent upon what kinds of ideas and issues are brought to the table. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.

Once again this month we share our event with the venerable Bay Area Computer Music Technology Meetup group, and change up the format once again to keep you on your toes. We will have short performances by three Bay Area masterminds of Max and Music, after which they will show us a bit of what their setup is about and shoo away the spirits and magic that once haunted their performances.

The performers list from co-organizer Vlad Spears at Overlap.org:

Jef Stott

Jef Stott is a producer/composer of tribal dub, ambient electronica and Eastern breaks on Six Degrees, Universal, EMI, Hearts of Space and others. With Mohammed Mohanna he’s developed the extensive and mesmerizing Subtle Body project, an interactive biofeedback musical system utilizing Max/MSP/Jitter and Live.


Edison is a backbone member of the Monome community. Widely recognized with his DIY Monome in a yellow lunchbox, Edison’s musical output combines elements of hip-hop, glitch and breakbeat to create a sound entirely his own. In addition to his Monome, Edison’s toolkit includes his custom Love Box, Nintendo DS, Where’s The Party At? 8-bit sampler kit, Max/MSP and Live.

Preshish Moments

Preshish Moments is a beatwrecker who developed his performance system from the ground up. Using a large, DIY wooden controller driving Shredder, the loop-mangling software he created and continuously refines in Max/MSP, Preshish Moments takes seemingly nice rhythms and turns them into something entirely otherwise. Hang on to your beats.