[Phasor~] SF Visual Patching Language Knitting Circle

Vlad Spears has made official our semi-weekly patching circle for visual patching languages such as MaxMSP, Quartz Composer, Touch Designer, or vvvv. The first one is tomorrow at 2PM at Noisebridge, San Francisco’s hippest hackerspace. You are welcome to come, even if you don’t have a blond highlight.

This Saturday, 19 December at 14:00 is our first official gathering as [Phasor~].  We’re meeting at Noisebridge’s wonderful new space – 2169 Mission Street.  More details and a link to directions can be found on [Phasor~]’s information page at:


Matt Ridenour, Adam Murray, Barry Threw and I have been meeting on a semi-regular basis for some months now, and it has proven to be a terrific productivity boost.  Rather than patching as a solitary activity with camaraderie provided by a snoring and mostly disinterested cat or two, we’ve found communal gatherings to be a solid anchor point for projects and peer input a definite drive booster.  Hanging out and working side by side once a week helps keep the momentum going for the rest of it.  On the theory a larger group will amplify this for everyone involved, [Phasor~] was hatched.

What you should bring:

1) A laptop with the data flow environment of your preference installed.  If you are just getting started, follow some of the links on the information page above and check out the various options.  We have open wireless at Noisebridge, so you can also pull down and install there if you like.

2) A project or idea (or several) to work on.  If your project or idea is to get started and learn the environment, that’s all you need.

3) Drinks and or snacks for yourself.  We’re within a few blocks walking distance of several café’s and many restaurants at Noisebridge, but it’s easiest to bring it with you.

4) Layered clothing.  Depending on our SF weather, Noisebridge can be more or less hot or cold.

When you get to Noisebridge, all you need to do is ring the doorbell and come up to the 3rd floor after being let in.  If you can’t get in, call my mobile at 415 902 1817 and someone will collect you.

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