Women in Technology Presentations at Gray Area (plus K-Bow)

This Thursday at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, the venerable music technology meetup group, BArCMuT, will present an evening featuring women in art and technology. In the lineup is Julia Ogrydziak, showing her work with the K-Bow, everyone’s favorite violin sensor bow.

Also presenting a new installation at the Gray Area Gallery on One Button Objects, is Peter Kirn, curator in conjunction with game art collective Kokoromi; just in time for the Game Developers Conference this week.

Gray Area Foundation for the Arts
55 Taylor Street
Thursday, March 11th
7PM – 9:30PM

The presenters are:
* VISDA GOUDARZI (Stanford CCRMA), will present Fosotomo/Gestonic/Neuroklang a video-based interface for the sonification of hand gesture for real-time timbre control. The goal of the system is to survey the space of musical possibilities and generating computer music using human movements. The system is build up on top of chuck and processing and uses simple frame difference as the metric.

* Composer CHERYL E. LEONARD will discuss how she creates music with natural objects, materials and sounds. She will demonstrate several of her unique natural-object instruments, including ones constructed with materials, such as penguin bones and limpet shells, that she collected in Antarctica last year.

* SURABHI SARAF will present her recent audio/visual works. She is interested in the dense, layered structure of sound with a focus on creating dynamic physical experiences. Her short performance will involve live singing and digital manipulation of the sound.

* JULIA OGRYDZIAK will present on working with the K-Bow, a new technology from Keith McMillen Instruments, which provides expressive live controls through a specially designed blue-tooth bow, transforming the possibilities of string performance. She will show how the bow works and give a live performance.

In addition, we will have awesome short LIGHTNING TALKS:
* SARAH GRANT says “i will be discussing my latest work using conductive felt as an interface for sound. i am interested in drawing connections between the similar properties of sound and fabric — specifically texture and the malleability and layering of form.”

* PETER KIRN (representing the Kokoromi collective of women and men) on the GAFFTA exhibit of ONE BUTTON OBJECTS: What can you do with one button? In an age of ever-more-complex touch interfaces, we’d like to imagine what a single, tangible, hardware button can mean for a design. To celebrate the arrival of their Gamma game event in San Francisco, art game collective Kokoromi is teaming up with Create Digital Music and Create Digital Motion to launch a one night show of objects that respond to this question. The work extends from games to interactive art and musical instruments.


VISDA GOUDARZI is a computer musician interested in research in software for computer music, human-computer interaction, gesture-based interfaces, computer graphics, sonification, sound synthesis, and the application of new media in art. She is currently a researcher at Stanford working on an audio-visual feedback device in the Department of Oncology. She received her MA in Music, Science, and Technology at CCRMA in 2009. She also holds an MS in Computer Science from the Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria, which she earned in 2008. Visda began her studies at the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran before relocating to Vienna in 1998.

JULIA OGRYDZIAK started the playing the violin at the age of 3 and made her solo debut at age 6. She has performed throughout Europe and North America, including the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, the Tanglewood Festival, and at Lincoln Center. She studied at the SF Conservatory of Music, receiving their Distinguished Alumni Award, the New England Conservatory of Music, and in Paris. Julia has a Masters with Distinction from Harvard Design School and dual degrees in Music and Physics from MIT, where she received the AMITA award for most outstanding woman graduate and worked in the Hyperinstruments Group at the MIT Media Lab. A vocal proponent of modern music, she is involved as both artist and composer. Her recent projects include BELLA piano trio, collaborations with Capacitor Dance, and shows combining live performance and immersive visuals, such as Dark Blue Sky Dream which premiered at the Chabot Planetarium. Julia is also an award-winning visual artist, Creative Director, and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of Blacksquare, a digital media studio; she has received multiple Webby Awards and the Vera List Prize, and her work has garnered national media attention and exhibited at MOMA. She is currently working on a new startup: IMHO, a new model for media distribution online, and is thrilled to also represent Keith McMillen Instruments as a K-Bow Artist and Evangelist.

CHERYL E. LEONARD is a composer, performer and instrument-builder whose music investigates sounds, structures and materials from the natural world. Her recent works cultivate stones, leaves, wood, water, ice, sand, shells, feathers and bones as musical instruments. Leonard uses microphones to explore the intricate worlds of sound hidden within these instruments and develops compositions that highlight the unique voices they contain. Many of her projects involve constructing one-of-a-kind sculptural instruments, which are played live onstage. Cheryl also enjoys creating site-specific works and collaborating across artistic disciplines. She has written numerous soundtracks for film, video, dance and theater, and designed sounds for exhibits at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Cheryl holds a BA from Hampshire College and an MA from Mills College. Her music has been performed worldwide and featured on several television programs and in the video documentary Noisy People. She has received grants from the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, ASCAP, American Composers Forum and Meet the Composer. Leonard has been awarded residencies at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus, Villa Montalvo and Engine 27. Recordings of her music are available from NEXMAP, Unusual Animals, Pax, Apraxia, 23 Five, Old Gold, the Lab and Great Hoary Marmot Music. www.allwaysnorth.com www.musicfromtheice.blogspot.com

SURABHI SARAF is a new media artist whose work brings together elements from experimental sound art, classical music, choreography and video art. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009 with an MFA in Art and Technology. Prior to that, she obtained her BFA in Painting from MSU Baroda (India) in 2005. Surabhi is the winner of Art vs Design (2009) organized by Artists Wanted, New York and presented her work at the announcement reception at the New Museum, NY. Her work PEEL is the Winner of Celeste Prize (2009), Italy and was exhibited at Alte AEG Fabrik, Berlin. Surabhi’s collaborative work with Nadav Assor, was presented at the NETMAGE 10 International Live Media Festival, Bologna, Italy. Her video Peel was also shown at the 13 International Video Festival, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Vojvodina, Serbia. Surabhi is the recipient of the International Graduate Student Scholarship at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her solo and collaborative works have been presented at the Links Hall, Looptopia and Sullivan Galleries in Chicago. She has shown at the Vadehra Art Gallery in New Delhi and was a part of Peers student residency program at Khoj International Artist Association New Delhi in 2006. Surabhi currently lives and works in San Francisco.

SARAH GRANT is a multimedia artist, developer, and alumni of NYU’s ITP, interested in designing soft instruments and textile-based controllers for sound. Her work brings together sculpture, fiber arts, electronics and experimental sound manipulation and signal processing. Her goals are to connect people to sound through physical means that are more germane to the nature of sound than traditional knobs, sliders and buttons, in order to facilitate more meaningful interactions. She is constantly on the look out for new ways to implement textiles as a means of interacting with sound be it wearable, architectural or sculptural. She often works in collaboration with her sister, Lara Grant. Their work can be found at http://www.fsp.fm….

One-button objects curator PETER KIRN is a composer/musician, media artist, and technologist, as well as writer and editor of createdigitalmusic.com and createdigitalmotion.com. The Handmade Music event series he originated with Etsy.com and Make Magazine is now spreading to other corners of the globe, from Texas to Portugal. He has also written for Computer Music, MAKE, Keyboard, Macworld, and Wax Poetics. He is the author of Real World Digital Audio (Peachpit Press). His own work spans live visuals and computer music, collaborations with modern dance, music for early instruments and voice and ambient techno, working with original software in Processing/Java and other tools. He’s currently teaching visual programming and sound and music design at Parsons The New School for Design and is a PhD candidate in music composition at The City University of New York Graduate Center.