HardRock Wall Wins Communication Arts 2010 Annual

The HardRock interactive multi-touch wall, which I developed the sound spatialization engine for last year with Obscura Digital, has been selected for inclusion in the 2010 Communication Arts Annual. It was created by a large team of people including Steve Mason, Ammon Haggerty, Rab Clinton, Michael Harville, Niklas Lundback, Nikolai Cornell, Patrick Connolly, and Hoss Ward.

The Hard Rock Wall is an 18’x4’ multi-user, multi-touch high-resolution wall showcasing thousands of pieces of searchable memorabilia at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas Nevada. Three 2k projectors handle 100 hi-res images and videos simultaneously in realtime for up to 6 users. Images flow seamlessly between screens and scale up to 12 megapixels for incredibly lifelike interactions with the objects.

Complementing the video system is a six channel audio spatialization system that creates a unique experience for each user. Each person hears a spatialized representation of the sounds produced by their memorabilia, or the currently playing video. Items can be flicked down the screen, creating sound effects shooting across the entire wall.

From the Communication Arts Jury:

“A perfect complement to the physical memorabilia; it creates a virtual link between visitors and Hard Rock Cafes all over the world. It’s a great example of a brand that understands how to create a sense of connectedness.” —Rachel Pasqua

“The physical space has barely been tapped and the RockWall is a perfect example of what’s to come. Beautiful design, animation and a huge achievement.” —Mathew Ranauro