False Profit’s Alchemy this Saturday at Gray Area

This Saturday at Gray Area, False Profit, LLC presents Alchemy, an evening of interactive art and speakers from a wide swath of Bay Area denizens.

Alchemy is an annual San Francisco event, packed with interactive art installations built to connect and amaze you. Participation highly encouraged — but we know you won’t be able to resist picking up that joystick, paintbrush, or microphone. See the flyer and press release below for more information.

For investors, some of the more visible outbursts of imagination will come on May 1 at Gray Area Foundation For The Arts (GAFFTA), where Alchemy will take place. Activities from zoetrope-building to ice cream making will take place alongside an interactive hyphae video floor, puppet theater, an immersive diorama, strobe flowers, and demonstrations from a wide range of experts in exotic disciplines.

WHEN: Saturday May 1, 8pm-2am
WHERE: GAFFTA, 55 Taylor Street, San Francisco
HOW: $15 at the door
WHY: Because you’re tired of those same-old jello-mold art gallery evenings and want to have FUN with art instead!
RSVP: on the facebook page

Schedule of Speakers

9PM – MetaMind Evolution by Andreas Stadler, software engineer and inventor, presents his work on neuro-feedback EEG mind-machines. He explores their applications to meditation, lucid dreaming, and brain training, as well as creative uses in music and art. After the talk, you’re invited to don the MetaMind headset and software, displaying beautiful visualizations from multiple channels of your very own brainwave data. (http://meta-mind.de/)

10PM – In Your Mind’s Eye by Dr. Tristan Ursell, Stanford University. You are a highly evolved creature, bred to perceive that which keeps you alive best, not what represents reality best. Learn about why you see the colors you do, and how your brain distorts the world around us.

11PM – John Bela is a founder of the design collective REBAR, creators of the global PARK(ing) Day event, Civic Center Victory Garden, Panhandle Bandshell, and other transformations of public space. He is a producer of creative ideas and a maker of things. John will present the works of Rebar, and how its many pursuits remix the ordinary, repurpose the ubiquitous and restructure the fabric of the urban environment. (http://www.rebargroup.org)

12AM – cutsupposepossesssuck by M. Ryan Noble, redefines social roles for artists through collaborative and therapeutic art processes, covering a wide range of media and experimental performances that fuse archetypal traditions with contemporary experience. A discussion of cultural engagement, sensory integration, and sub/un/hyperconsciousness as a means to create a metaphysical art experience leads into an experimental performance. Noble becomes a living sculpture in the space, guiding and collaborating with participants to develop the piece. (http://www.imagici.org)

1AM – Matt Bell is an inventor, artist, and entrepreneur who has done a wide variety of projects including gesture-based interactive displays, intricate laser-cut sculpture, and, most recently, floating art for the Ephemerisle festival. He’ll walk you through his multiprojector no-computer-necessary video feedback system that generates fractals live, allowing you and your friends to manipulate the parameters and output.

Artists and Installations

– Tyson Ayers’ Sound Cave Roadshow
– Strobe Flower Garden by Shawn Lani and PJ Reptilehouse
– Ice Cream Lab by Langton Labs
– Group A – Telephone Booth and TXT ME MOVE ME
– LoveTechSF’s Electronic Jam Lounge
– The Bone Conductor by Jean Rintoul
– Head Room by Brent Bishop
– Hyphae Dancefloor by Mary Franck and Michael Broxton
– Cheeky and Practice – interactive video installations by Scott Murray
– Galaxy Conduit by Rich DDT
– Zoetrope-Making with Tim Anderson
– Mini-Masher by Moldover
– Finger Puppet Photo Booth & Salon
– Alchemyville Post Office


Washington, DC — Officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today announced that no regulations will be placed on the so-called Outlandish Ideas (OI) market. This move is seen as a victory for both capitalists and artists preparing for False Profit, LLC’s fourth annual Alchemy event on May 1.

“We’re pleased that the commission sees the wisdom in letting us take our batshit-crazy ideas as far as possible,” said False Profit staff economist Rosco Petracula, speaking through a prismatic tube from a tiny sacred galaxy unfolding inside the mind of an obscure minor deity. “After all, hasn’t this sort of reasoning driven every major economic advancement in history?”

Two years ago, the public learned an acronym previously only known to quantitative financial analysts: CDS (Credit Default Swap). These financial instruments, built on bets around subprime mortgages, led to the massive collapse of credit markets and sent the global economy into a tailspin. In hindsight, the way these types of investments pretended to do away with risk seem absurd.

Today, we know that risk is unavoidable and absurdity inevitable. False Profit’s Alchemy event, now cleared by the SEC, is expected to further provoke wild creativity in the OI markets. No idea is too outlandish to be unleashed. While some fear increases in spontaneous interaction and artistic expression, many are welcoming the preposterous unpredictability.

Reacting to the SEC statement, Mary Pranckster, Director of the Gonzo Tactics Institute said, “The primary reason we saw a meltdown in ‘08 was actually low insanity levels. Sure, at the time everyone thought things were crazy, but let me tell you: You ain’t seen nothing yet.”