San Diego Music Technology Conference Advancement in Audio Panel

Tomorrow is the first day of the inaugural San Diego Music Technology Conference. It looks to be an interesting lineup of musicians, researchers and innovators gathering at the Hard Rock Hotel in SD to converse about a variety of topics concerning the future of various aspects of the music and audio industries including mobile technology, future instruments and legal issues. I’ll be speaking on the Advancement in Audio Technology panel together with some old friends from the bleeding edge of audio research: Peter Otto, Director of Music & Technology at the University of California San Diego, Naut Humon, Curator at Recombinant Media Labs, Peter Nyboer, Co-Founder of Livid Instruments, and Chris Warren of Alloy Electric. We’ll be discussing the ways audio technology is impacting industry and culture, and what developments are to come.

Also speaking on various panels are a number of always creative friends who have collectively spent years in the music business, “Controllerist” Matt Moldover, Laura Escudé musician and part of Electronic Creatives, and Amanda Whiting of Roland. If you are in the San Diego Area I hope to see you there.