Sharism Forum Shanghai Oct 22nd

Last month several members of the Fabricatorz team, myself included, traveled to China to begin preparation for the first Sharism Forum. Sharism is a new cultural paradigm, put forth by Chinese blogger Issac Mao in his essay Sharism: A Mind Revolution. In short it observes that the benefits of rich cultural connection gained from the sharing of ideas far outweigh the benefits of insular IP protection in both a social and economic sense. The forum is held in conjunction with the Get It Louder festival 2010, a exhibition of China’s creative talent. Christopher Adams and Jon Phillips did a fantastic job of organizing this event, I think it will be something that influences both China and the culture of giving for years to come.

The Fabricatorz will be in China the third week of October coordinating the first Sharism Forum at Get It Louder 2010 in Shanghai on 22 October, 2010. The Forum brings together thinkers, practitioners and activists whose work concerns and shapes the global movement of a new sharing culture. We have invited open-source entrepreneurs, community leaders, academics, artists and critics to actively advance the agenda of Sharism. We hope you can attend the forum!

This is a major milestone event for the Sharism project connecting together the larger picture of the global sharing culture between Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Free Network Services like Status.Net, Copyleft Hardware, and the sharing activities that happen on commercial sites like Flickr. Since Fabricatorz is a global company operating in both San Francisco and China, this project is close to our hearts in connecting many of the greatest people we know working in Internet, Business, and Culture in the region.

Get It Louder is China’s most influential and closely-watched exhibition of emerging, young talent across creative disciplines. Get It Louder 2010 debuted in Beijing with great fanfare and press. It opens in Shanghai on 22 October until 7 November, 2010. The theme for this year’s event is Sharism! Get It Louder Shanghai kicks off with the Sharism Forum that will segue into the opening of the exhibits at 8 PM.

We’ve been working on this massively over the last few months and hope you will join us to spread the word about this event globally, online and offline. We will do more Sharism events in the future, but right now need your support to make the project expand by using the tags #SHARISM and #SHARISM2010 online. You can learn more about sharism now:

About the Sharism Forum


Time: October 22, 2010
Location: 800 SHOW Creative Park, Shanghai, China

Guest Speakers




Additional sponsorship for the Sharism Forum provided by Google Inc., the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Drumbeat.

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