RML CineChamber at Club Transmediale

In just a few short weeks at the Club Transmediale festival in Berlin, we will see the world premiere of the fully armed and operational Recombinant Media Labs’ Cinechamber. In three long years since the closing of the San Francisco incarnation of RML was abruptly slaughtered we have only grown stronger; specifying systems, coding, organizing, and developing new content for our unique surround cinema environment. After our long incubation period at the University of California San Diego, we are finally able to unveil our brand new nomadic immersive media apparatus.

The 8×12 metre chamber is walled by 10 large-scale screens, features 8.8.2 multi- channel sound and a custom-applied kinetic floor vibration units.

This full AV CineChamber can be “played” or manipulated as an AV instrument and urges artists the opportunity to take their creative impulse to  further ranges of aural, optical and cinematic expression. Numerous renowned artists have crossed paths with California editions of the CineChamber & its companion underground SF location at the Compound including Pansonic, Ryoji Ikeda, Matmos, Maryanne Amacher, Thomas Brinkmann, Pole, Kode 9, Chris Watson, and many more in the last decades.

We have a completely updated technical system, with modular screens, updated projectors, and a powerhouse video engine built with the extremely power TouchDesigner software by Derivative. From our seemingly innocuous PC we unleash 10 simultaneous 1080p streams of video in our surround environment, along with realtime effects, calibration processing and control systems. This software environment is also a joy to work with, and has made developing new systems for a variety of residencies quick and painless. I’ll be showing more of that system as we progress.

In our rehearsal space in Berlin Artistic Director Naut Humon and I were  joined by new RML Operational Director Edwin van der Heide and CTM Techincal Director Anke Eckardt for construction of the prototype Cinechamber space. In our first location in darkest Berlin we have a full month of content producing artist residencies with SignalMonolake with Tarik Barri, Deadbeat with Lillevan, and Edwin van der Heide. All of these will culminate with live sets and full audio visual surround works to be exhibited at the festival the first week of February.

So far we have really been generating some fantastic content for the upcoming shows with a full set of unreleased audio and video from Signal, and full immersive OpenGL virtual worlds from Tarik Barri with music from Monolake. In the coming days I’ll be posting some snippets of rehearsals to whet everyone’s appetite for the coming shows. It’s a full schedule with a mix of live sets and video modules every night, so if you happen to be able to make it to Berlin you won’t be disappointed.

For the opening and closing of the CineChamber at CTM, the surround audio berlin premiere of Plaything designed, composed and mixed from the hand of late & great Maryanne Amacher (US) will be played, preceded by some words from RML’s directors Naut Humon and Edwin van der Heide.

Further live performances by Tikiman with ScionJeffers Egan & MimiCof and Aymeric Hainaux will be presented, along with a new pre-composed piece by Egbert Mittelstädt, within the CineChamber Live Night on February 6.

From February 2 – 6, four blocks of Modules will be shown in rotation day and night:

Module 1
Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP)
Edwin van der Heide (NL)
Fred Szymanski (US)

Module 2
Signal (DE)
Morton Subotnick & Sue C (US)
Semiconductor (UK)
Masako Tanaka & Markus Popp (JP/DE)
Daniel Menche (US)

Module 3
Naut Humon (US)
Biosphere & Egbert Mittelstaedt (NO/DE)
Monolake Live (DE/NL)

Module 4
Skoltz_Kolgen (CA/QC)
Louis Dufort
Lillevan & Fennesz (DE/AT)
Jochem Paap &  Scott Pagano (NL/US)
Herman Kolgen (CA/QC)
Scott Arford (US)
Lillevan & Deadbeat (DE/CA)