SoftStep KeyWorx Takes the Stage

In 1984, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs made the computer mouse mainstream.

In 2010, Microsoft introduced the Kinect, allowing computer gamers to control video games by moving their bodies.

And on June 21, 2011, Keith McMillen Instruments introduced a gadget that lets you use your computer with your feet.

This week saw a huge uptake in interest for the KMI SoftStep foot controller. Originally designed for live electronic music performance, it has become clear that the SoftStep has a usability scope far beyond its initial vision. This crucial piece for this expanded functionality was the KeyWorx software upgrade recently released by KMI to allow the foot pedal to execute any key combination on the computer.

Apart from the obvious uses such as video editing control, data entry, or simply general computing, the SoftStep has also found interest among disabled users. I’m particularly excited about helping this group of users with a really expressive foot controller. In effect 10 intelligent analog joysticks, the SoftStep presents a range of options far beyond anything else available as a foot controller, making it extremely valuable to those whom may have their feet as their major control option.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of the unexpected ways our products are being used. If you are using the SoftStep for your work or play, please let me know how.

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