The Fall and Rise of the CineChamber

This fall saw the  installation of the Recombinant Media Lab’s CineChamber at two more festivals in Europe. These engagements allowed us to develop a salvo of new works for our one-of-a-kind immersive floating surround cinema vessel.  We can continued to make improvements to the RML video engine, a state of the art, single computer video server playing back 10 streams of HD content with Derivative’s Touch Designer framework.

First in October, 2011 the RML CineChamber made its landing in Graz, Austria for the ORF Musikprotokoll festival.

This installation began with another round of residencies, developing new content for the festival at the ORF studios in Graz. The complete Cinechamber system was erected in their Studio 3 where we hosted Austrian local artists Subshubs and Jade/Pita, plus a revision of the video version of DSLE-1 by Edwin van der Heide.

The CineChamber system was erected in the Dom im Berg, a performance venue situated in one of the tunnels of Graz’s Schlaussberg bored into the rock as an air raid shelter during World War II. The long inclining tunnel leading to the venue itself provided a perfect entrance to the CineChamber; one of its most interesting qualities is the sense of constricted space that is then made to feel more expansive due to the immersive media content. The venue is acoustically treated so despite being a cavern had better sonic qualities than most theaters I’ve been in.

Then in November we installed again at the Cynetart festival in Dresden, Germany. This event also included live performances by Andrey Kiritchenko & v4w.enko (Eugen Vashchenko), Ulf Langheinrich &

We have taken the CineChamber to an undisclosed location in Germany for an R&D setup until 2012.