Architectural Projection for Code Redd Campaign at Rio+20

Arcos da Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, June 19, 2012

I recently returned from a Rio de Janeiro with a strike force from Obscura on a mission to raise awareness about a very special campaign to save our rainforests. We teamed up with Wildlife Works to spend a week canvassing the city in imagery in support of the launch of Code REDD, a innovative campaign offering carbon offsets that allow corporations to save tracts of rainforest globally. This event was one of the highlights of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20.

We transformed Rio’s historic aqueduct, Arcos da Lapa, into a large scale messaging platform with visualizations focusing attention on the pressing need to interject forest protection as part of the conference dialogue. The architectural landmark became a storytelling canvas, revealing the devastating effects of deforestation through a show of sound and light, followed by the premier of the Code REDD Campaign film, showcasing a scalable solution to save the threatened forests of the world.