Support Clouds: Cinema with Depth

I encourage you to take a look at supporting Clouds, an interactive documentary about creative coding presented in a forward-looking new cinema format. The work of James George and Jonathan MinardClouds explores the work of artists using technology in mercurial and interdisciplinary ways. However, it is more than just a film, it is an personally driven narrative told through an interactive environment, a launched executable run on your own glowing rectangle where you can choose your own eduventure. Don’t lose your grounding as you traverse your way across a sea of perspectives on what this nascent and undefinable medium of computational art production means for our culture…

The technology behind Clouds is built on the RGBD Toolkit, a software pipeline developed by James George that allows the linkage of a high resolution DSLR camera with a stereographic “depth” camera, such as the Microsoft Kinect. This allows the filming of subjects with their distance to the camera captured in the film, making 3d transformations possible. I saw the birth of the RGBD Toolkit at the Art and Code 3D conference in Pittsburgh last year, and it tugs the heartstrings to see these efforts come to fruition in a completed work. The latest round of development has been supported by Eyebeam, where the premiere for Clouds will be shown.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Media Art Kickstarter without Bruce Sterling yapping about something or other, which you can fully immerse yourself in here.

Over the last year we have captured interviews with over 30 new media artists, curators, designers, and critics, using a new 3D cinema format called RGBD. CLOUDS presents a generative portrait of this digital arts community in a videogame-like environment. The artists inhabit a shared space with their code-based creations, allowing you to follow your curiosity through a network of stories.

What does it feel like to think with code? How can emerging technologies enable us to actualize our dreams? How has online sharing transformed the way artists collaborate?

With four days left to go on their Kickstarter campaign, your support will enable further development of the tools necessary to create this kind of next generation hypernarrative. While the base pieces for the capture and production of this work are being solidified, there is room for a range of improvements and enhancements to the workflow. Imagine a final cut that supported depth inherently, or a emergence of the 3D star wipe… the possibilities for this kind of format are myriad and exciting. Give them money.