TouchDesigner Workshop with Mary Franck

The next two weekends present a unique opportunity for the intrepid young video professionals to learn the powerful TouchDesigner platform from one of the best in the business. You would be crazy not to take advantage of it!

In this two part workshop, media artist Mary Franck will educate you on realtime video creation and performance using Touch Designer. Her work includes massive projection mapping projects with Obscura, such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque project, VJ sets for artists such as Nosaj Thing, and elegant projection based installation work.

TouchDesigner is a high-level real-time video programming environment, with hardware-accelerated 3d and 2d graphics generation and manipulation tools, flexible data handling, and a plethora of I/O options. It is a powerful tool that lends itself to data visualization, interactive graphics and art pieces, projection mapping, and custom VJ software building. Touch Designer FTE is free.

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January 27th 2012 10am-4:30pm $120
At Madrone Studios, 1417 15th St. @ Folsom, San Francisco, CA

This is an introduction with no previous programming or TouchDesigner experience necessary. This 6 hour workshop will teach you how to use TouchDesigner to create real-time 3d effects, video playback and manipulation.

Realtime Video in TouchDesigner Part II

February 3rd 2012 10am-4:30pm $160
At Space 1970,1970 Harrison St. @16th St., San Francisco, CA

This intermediate to advanced course provides a video playback, generation and control system for live video performance in TouchDesigner. The course will teach this framework with additional advanced topics.


Part I:
-Showcase: Projects using TouchDesigner
-Basics: Navigating, modular components, good coding practice
-Operators: Different operators are for different data types, with some operators converting between data types
-Realtime 3D video: Geo, Mat, Camera, Render
-I/O: Using input from the mouse, microphone, OSC, MIDI and video cameras
-Reusability: Creating and loading your own components
-Brief intro to advanced topics: Instancing, scripting, materials, generative techniques
-Resources: Reference, help files, wiki and forum
Part II:
-Software architecture in TouchDesigner
-Video performance framework: Clip loading, cue building, controls
-Composition building: Performable 3D
-Advanced Operators: Tricks & optimizations
-Advanced I/O: Video & audio analysis, KinectTOP (commercical license required for KinectTOP)
-Advanced topics: Instancing, scripting, GLSL, generative techniques

Course Materials

All course materials, examples and software will be provided, but you must bring your own computer with TouchDesigner FTE installed. TouchDesigner is currently only supported on Windows operating systems, but can be used on a Mac via bootcamp. Please see the system requirements: