Oval Album Calidostópia Now Available for Free

Calidostópia! Cover front

Calidostópia, is a new 16-track collaboration by Markus Popp/Oval teaming up with seven wonderful singers/musicians from all over South America.

I’m working with Markus in a continual collaboration on OvalDNA, a unique sample browser/sequencer containing free open source samples from past Oval tracks. New versions of OvalDNA with more tracks are in the works and coming soon.


Calidostópia is the result of a 10-day, blind-date-esque studio session in Salavdor De Bahia, Brazil. Rapid prototyping + unlimited enthusiasm + working in three shifts = metamelomusical supermerger. I went to to Brazil with tons of released as well as unreleased material – and returned home with dozens of all-new, beautiful songs.


Calidostópia! was made possible through the generous support of the Goethe Institute (Bogotá, Caracas, Cordoba, Montevideo, Salvador und São Paulo branches) as well as the Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia. And these kinds of cultural organizations curate non-commercial projects.

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