Artup Supports Art and Technology Work in the San Francisco Bay Area





Artup flyer



What: A kickoff event for a new Bay Area arts organization supporting nascent works and building community.

When: Tuesday, April 2nd, 7-11pm

Where: 522 Valencia, San Francisco, CA

$$$: Free

I am extremely pleased to announce a new arts incubation initiative I’m launching together with co-instigator Mat Dryhurst called Artup.

There has been a continual conversation among the artists living and working in San Francisco over the past five or so years. The general thread is a sense of frustration that a city ostensibly on the forefront of technology and culture offers little to no support for artists working at the intersection of technology and culture. At the end of this conversation is always despair, but it is clear that the immense artistic talent in the Bay Area can be highlighted in the international community. All that is needed is a framework.

Artup is a community-powered incubator for forward-looking work stationed at the intersection of contemporary art and digital technology. It is a platform to engage in venture culture, aiming to help create a vibrant ecosystem of artists, art appreciators, and benefactor organizations first in the Bay Area and then beyond.

Artup attempts to foster a vibrant arts community in the Bay beginning with three major programs.

1) First, the Artup Venture Fund bestows a monthly grant of $1,000 upon creative projects of exceptional promise. Projects are selected and awarded by the Artup Trustees – a group of community members each of whom contributes $100 dollars per month to support the grant. Projects eligible for the grant are proposals for works concentrating on art and technology. The grant comes with only two stipulations:

The creator presents the project idea (with preferably a demo or some sort of tangible work product) at an Artup.
The creator establishes a web presence with updates with progress reports for the work.

2) Secondly, the Artup is a monthly gathering that fosters an environment of sharing and debate in the Bay Area arts community. The Artup features presentations by grant recipients, as well as curated lectures, panels, performances and exhibitions by relevant players in the Bay Area and global arts and technology community.

3) And finally, the Artup Creative Pact is a voluntary commitment, open to anyone, requiring the production of one creative work a week to be shared on the Artup website. This pact is intended to encourage a culture of responsive and proactive commentary and creation, and a supportive platform for anyone to be able to participate in their media of choice.

It is our hope that these programs together, and more to come, will serve to begin elevating forward-looking and relevant art works to wider recognition and eventually provide a platform to support arts communities in San Franicsco and Beyond.