SFAI Design and Technology Salon: Shared Feedback

SFAI Salon 2013 Flyer

When: Thursday, April 4, 2013 – 7:30pm – 10:00pm

$$$: Free and Open to the Public

Where: San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA

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April 4th I will be moderating a panel for the SFAI 2013 Design and Technology Salon called Shared Feedback: Active/Passive Collaborative Installations and Performance. This evening includes new works and presentations by a number of outstanding Bay Area artists and SFAI students. The exhibition focuses on off-screen media engaging audience in social experiences outside of the cybersphere.

While screen-based social media is certainly the buzz of the moment, immersive media installations and performances challenge this idea of “social” by activating otherwise passive audiences and providing off-screen spaces that engage imaginative experiences among diverse participants. In exploring the collaborative possibilities that are framed by such spaces, the Spring 2013 Design and Technology Salon presents and contextualizes a series of projects at the intersection of performance, installation, and responsive systems. Unities within these systems are examined by the event audience together with the presenters in order to mark out strategies for influencing the creation of participatory media, and to explore the potential of these experiential systems for activating personal, social, and political change.

7:30–8:30: Presentation of project displays in café, adjacent McMillan conference room, and Zellerbach Quad
8:30–9:30: Panel Discussions with presenters, moderated by Barry Threw
9:30–10: Questions & Answers

Participating artists and projects:

•  Mary Franck: “Rouge: A Video Performance Platform”
•  JD Beltran and Nick Lally: “RGB Space”
•  The Big Conversation Space (Clémence de Montgolfier + Niki Korth) in collaboration with John Mowitt: “Live Readings from the Tarot of Technological Change (Conducted via Analog Skype)”
•  Spencer Holoway: “Disintegration, Time After Time”
•  James Howzell: “Go! Arthur Go!”
•  Christopher Palmer (CTP): “Mixmaster Motion Study 1”, 2012
•  Laetitia Sonami and Andrew Benson: “Magnetic Memories in the Age of the Oracle”
•  Ben Wood: “The Man who stopped Time, Eadweard Muybridge’s Magic Lantern Lecture at the San Francisco Art Association 1878”