Top 10 “Whoa” Uses of Technology According to Holly Herndon

I’ve been listed in tandem with a couple of projects I’ve collaborated on in Dummy Mag compiled by tech aware artist Holly Herndon. Standing next to technologies such as OSC and being grouped with artists no less than Andrew Benson and Kyle McDonald is a great honor to say the least.

Holly Herndon: BARRY THREW is an artist, engineer, friend and collaborator who has done incredible things in the realm of instrument design and the development of immersive audio visual environments ( perhaps best characterized by his work as technical lead of RECOMBINANT MEDIA LABS ). This video is of a projection mapping project he developed with Obscura Digital to illuminate the entire Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the UAE, which is an unbelievable technical and aesthetic achievement.

These projects are prime examples of the use of experiential technology for spatial cinema presentation. This kind of augmented and alternative reality will continue to make an appearance. It has a unique ability to deal with physical space and digital content in a way that is compelling in a culture where sense of place is increasingly ambiguous. The use of digital technologies to create new spaces for the body to experience work runs counter to its normal role of breaking down geographic barriers, and makes this kind of work relevant and timely.

Both of these projects were both massive collaborations with teams from around the world. Recombinant Media Labs would not be possible without a very large list of contributors over the years, but in its current incarnation Naut Humon and Vance Galloway keep the show alive. The Mosque was an even larger undertaking, with the entire Obscura team working non-stop to ensure its success, especially the unsinkable Mary Franck who lead show control and development on this installation.