Artup 2 : Venture Culture

Artup 2 Flier

$$$: Free. Donations for artists accepted.

Time: 7-11PM, Sunday May 19th, 2013.

Location: The Lab, 16h and Capp, San Francisco, CA.

We’re very excited to announce Artup 2, our second in a series of monthly gatherings that foster an environment of sharing and debate in the Bay Area arts and technology communities.

This edition warrants your attention as it opens our dialog about the relationship between art and technology in the Bay Area with some insightful provocations. To kickstart the discussion we are delighted to welcome Ellen Cushing (East Bay Express) to present some thoughts on her powerful article The Bacon Wrapped Economy, which explores how tech and money has changed culture in the Bay area.

The Artup mission is focused on socially lubricating the culture and innovation sectors of our community, two groups which are massive stakeholders in every aspect of our lives here in San Francisco, but often don’t connect in real world situations. It turns out these groups have common needs that can be easily addressed through meeting and asking the right questions.

Bay Area artists are increasingly finding the economic climate difficult to survive in, forcing mass exodus to cities with either lower costs of living of more advanced art markets (NYC, LAX, MIA). This situation is perpetuated by at least two trends driven by the technology sector: a housing and studio rental market driven up by an influx of cash from silicon valley, and a tech sector apathy toward financing forward looking technology driven art by independent producers.

Tech workers are similarly (and perhaps unknowingly) wanting for outlets to participating as culture producers. Too many talents young creative people have found themselves in the cogs of mundane industry jobs without knowing how much the art community in the Bay needs their expertise to produce  relevant work.

Interface between these groups is vital in a city that should be the epicenter of advanced medium art works in the world.

Music for the evening will be provided by artist and academic Brian Rogers, who will be playing records from his bottomless collection throughout the evening.

Last, but certainly not least, we will be announcing the recipient of the first Artup Venture Fund grant, and inviting people to contribute new project ideas for the next.

I truly hope to see you there.