Artup 3.5: Sonic Technology


This Tuesday, March 4th, we will be holding a very special Artup 3.5 event focused on sonic technology. The evening’s performances and presentations will address topics such as artistic practice as process, tool production as a creative act, open source software and hardware, ethical manufacturing, artist empowerment through learning to code, diy solutions and the inherent beauty of blank-slate devices.

Music and sound technology has been a huge part of the Bay Area art scene for many years, so we are looking forward to shining a lens on current work in this field.

When: Tuesday, March 4, 02014 

Doors open at 7pm, performances and presentations begin at 7:30pm.

Where: Obscura Digital –
729 Tennessee Street (near 18th at 3rd, in the heart of SF’s Dogpatch)
San Francisco, CA 94107

$$$: Admission is all ages and free

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We’d like this event to revolve around Q & A, dialog and interaction among everyone, so bring challenging questions for our presenters and a desire to engage with your community. It’s what we’re all about.

In addition to the presenters we will have two special guests to give an overview of  two sound based museum openings this week: Maryanna Rogers will discuss the REBOOT: music opening at the San Jose Tech Museum, and Ceci Moss will give an overview of Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon: It Only Happens All of the Time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a part of their new Control: Technology in Culture series.

Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain – Monome –
Brian and Kelli are artists creating open source devices of undetermined use. Their new device, Aleph, is a powerful audio processor, synthesizer, noise machine and rapidly modifiable instrument – a platform for experimental practice and organic discovery. Brian and Kelli will perform with the Aleph and discuss concepts informing its design and purpose.

Peter Nyboer – Livid Instruments –
Peter is a partner and the primary programmer at Livid Instruments, crafting custom controllers, DIY products and commercially available control surfaces. Their latest device, the Guitar Wing, is a wireless controller for guitar and bass complete with its own SDK. Peter will speak about the general challenge of designing blank-slate controllers versus one-to-one integrated devices, and what it takes to make something truly useful for musical and other creative endeavors.

Carr Wilkerson – CCRMA –
Carr is a System Administrator at the Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), a multi-disciplinary facility where composers and researchers work together using computer-based technology both as an artistic medium and as a research tool. Specializing in Linux and Mac OS systems, Carr is a controller and software system builder, performer, instructor and researcher. Carr will present an overview of CCRMA’s culture, current research initiatives, and the many technical resources available to the ArtUP community.