Bye Obscura: Moving Forward!

Been awhile since an update here, but things have been busy! Some news though; it is both bittersweet and with a great deal of excitement that I can announce I am leaving my full-time position as Director of Software at Obscura Digital.

In the last six years I’ve been fortunate enough to help Obscura create some of the most groundbreaking and largest scale experiential installations and live events in the world. The vast scale and variety of projects I’ve had the privilege to be a part of is daunting in retrospect. From our large scale architectural projections like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, to integrated media in architecture with the AT&T Stadium, or new boundaries in immersive cinema like the Dubai 360 Sphere, we have always managed to push forward and break expectations under insane deadlines and design criteria. Our series of events awareness around climate change and species extinction at the United Nations, Empire State Building, and St. Peter’s Basilica shows the potential of spectacle to transcend beyond entertainment toward approaching social good.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Obscura

Vatican Projections Obscura

Kacare Obscura Installation

It has also been a period of vast organizational change and growth with the company. In my time there I’m proud to have rebuilt the Obscura software department into what I absolutely believe is the greatest interactive software development team in the world. The sheer scope of what this team must accomplish to execute the design requirements of live performance, interactive installation, and built architectural spaces is hard to wrap your head around. The suffocating prison of human language has no power to convey the utmost respect with which I hold their tireless efforts to innovate and advance our technology.

As for the future, although I’ll still be supporting Obscura on a few big installations, I’m refocusing in the short-term on further developing the #NEWPALMYRA project, our ongoing programming at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, and yes, even some forthcoming news from Recombinant Media Labs. However, I’d also like to use this opportunity to work with more of you, particularly in finding ways to integrate art practice and technology development into integrative design thinking for purpose driven results, and research and development of next level experiential technology. If you have a interesting project, get in touch!

It’s been a fantastic journey with one of the most stellar and driven companies in the world, and I wish the whole team the best of luck in the future.

Obscura Team