Description: Bluetooth enabled sensor bow for string instruments with integrated software.

Date: 2009

Role: Software Director, Lead Programmer


  • Keith McMillen, Founder / President Keith McMillen Instruments, Hardware and Creative Director
  • Ashley Adams, Creative Advisor
  • Nick Bonardi, User Interface Design, Programmer
  • Don Buchla, Hardware Advisor
  • Chuck Carlson, Programmer
  • Justin Catalana, Electronics
  • Joel Davel, Electronics
  • David Hishinuma, Electronics
  • Sarah Howe, Tester, Documentation
  • Marielle Jakobsons, Creative Advisor
  • Conner Lacy, Programmer
  • Dan Maloney, Assembly, Electronics
  • Danishta Rivero, Tester, Documentation
  • Denis Saputelli, Electronics
  • Mike Zawitkowski, Business



More information:

The K-Bow, by Keith McMillen Instruments, is the worlds first stage-worthy wireless sensor bow for string instruments. The bows capture gestures from real-time performance, and transmit the data via a Bluetooth connect to a computer where it can be used to process sound, control an electronic composition, or manipulate video.

The bows give a detailed measure of every aspect of your playing. The bow contains a variety of sensors to capture your performance including a 3d accelerometer, hair tension sensor, grip pressure sensor, bow length and bow to fingerboard sensors.

By enabling the string quartet to access the unlimited sound world of the computer, the K-Bow advances western art music to places never before possible, and allows the interpretation of electronic scores by multiple ensembles.

Complete with integrated software, the K-Bow applications feature sophisticated DSP processing that allow performers to process their sound, recording multitrack loops, control surround panning, and communicate with other software; all from their familiar instrument.

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