Having some Stupid Fun

At BEAM Foundation we’ve started a brand new collaboration / friendship with our neighbors, the Stupid Fun Club. The Club builds robots for fun and profit, and when you are at their studio it’s hard to know what kind of metallic friends you might make. (”Knifey”, however, did not want to play.)

Our best friend thus far is MoonBot, whom we are teaching to dance along with our ensemble. A hostage negotiation robot by trade, MoonBot was equally as adept with TCP/IP negotiations. With any amount of luck, she’ll be talking to MACIAS about us soon.

Right now most of our problems are with how we should best link MoonBot’s movements to the music from the Trio. It is exciting to be in a place where the requisite technology becomes transparent and you can resume thinking about artistic issues. The best ideas so far are to teach it “steps”, and then to trigger these, perhaps with scaling and other dynamic factors, with the instruments in the ensemble.

We also plan to teach MoonBot to play along a bit, and we are outfitting her with bells so that she can be a full fledged ensemble member.
Here is the side of my head, Keith McMillen, directory of BEAM, and in the lower right corner, MoonBot.

BEAM and Moonbot

Visit the Stupid Fun Club at http://www.stupidfunclub.com.

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