Pecha Kucha SF Presentation

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I will be one of the presenters at the May edition of <a href=””>Pecha Kucha SF</a>.

From site: Pecha Kucha is intended to gather creative individuals to share their work and ideas in a night, getting together and exchanging thoughts in an informal environment. Pecha Kucha welcomes creative minds from the fields of Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Fashion Design, Animation and Design in general.

The presentations are relatively short, 6:20, but thats good because you end up with a lot of different content in a single night; plus if there is something you aren’t so interested in, you can be certain it is going to chance soon.

Be sure, however, that my segment will be jam packed…I’ll be covering a lot of music technology ground, skimming through overviews of TrioMetrik Recombinant Media Labs, Immersive Media Research, and some of my own work.

Would love to see you there, and its a bar, so at the very least you can drink some beer and hang with some design talent. It’s right on the heels of Maker Faire, so it should be well attended.

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