Where are they now? IRCAM’s Buchla 100.

(Update: I’ve been rightly informed that this is actually a Buchla 300 system.)

Last week I was down in San Deigo working on some ongoing projects with Keith McMillen (of the BEAM Foundation) and Miller Puckette (of Max and pd fame), and ran into this gem, the Buchla 100 from Ircam, in a spare bedroom. Miller said he pulled this noble old warhorse from the dumpster at Ircam. Even in its current place of rest, under quite a bit of dust, it seems to hearken back youthfully to a earlier time before this age of DSP, when men were men and resistors, resistors.

ICRAM Buchla 1

IRCAM Buchla 4

IRCAM Buchla 3

IRCAM Buchla 2

Notice the keyboard. This is actually floating on top of springs. You can shake the keyboard as you play, and this motion comes out as control voltage. Don was, and still is, a genius.

Here is a picture of this Prince among synths in its heyday, that I got via Matrix Synth via Chroniques de la Mao. OK, so the picture is backwards…but its nice to see it in action, lest we forget.

IRCAM Buchla in its youth.

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