Marcus Schmickler and Kevin Drumm

Marcus Schmickler (editions mego)
Kevin Drumm (mego)

Thursday, March 6st 2008
Doors at 8:30pm
Location and more info: 650.255.8947
$10 donation

Marcus Schmickler
will present a new version of his latest algorithmic piece ‘Altars of Science’ (Editions Mego), utilizing various applications of granular-synthesis and chaos-functions onto microtonal pitch material. Marcus Schmickler is internationally well known in various contexts of contemproray music. He is closely associated with the a-Musik label and over the last years he has worked in the fields of electronic, improvised, experimental and new music as well as doing scores, radioplays and unusual pop music projects. His recent releases feature choir- and chambermusic, a new computermusic piece as well as a new record under the banner of Pluramon with Julee Cruise. This month, he premiered a new drum-quartet in Milwaukee. His continous colaborations feature settings with analogue Synth wiz Thomas Lehn and British pianist John Tilbury. He is also member of MIMEO and Pluramon. He has received numerous prizes and his work has been represented all over the globe. He lives in Cologne.
Kevin Drumm
Avant-garde tabletop guitarist Kevin Drumm is an experimental musician based in Chicago, United States. Emerging from the city’s improvised music scene, in the 1990s he became one of the world’s pre-eminent prepared guitar players. Since then his work has expanded to include electroacoustic compositions and live electronic music made with laptop computers and analog modular synthesizers. His early recordings contain mostly sparse, quiet sounds; recent works have been crushingly loud and dense.

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