Recombinant Media Labs Retrospective

I ran across a folder of pictures from several events at the old Brannan Street location of Recombinant Media Labs in the last year. I thought it was worth a bit of a retrospective of this amazing location, and to catalog some of the people that worked so hard on the place. There are many that I don’t have pictures of…

First, a jazz trio in our gallery space. This Steinway is an absolutely amazing piano.

The performers here in the main performance room are Richard Devine and Scott Pagano.

Richard Devine and Jochem Paap at RML

In this photo you can see Bryan Gibbs engineering in conspicuous yellow striped shirt.

Devine and Paap at RML 2007

I believe that this is the back of Ben Neville, of Cycling 74’s, head.

Devine and Pagano at RML 2007

This was our studio A, with Alex Oropeza, chief engineer, albeit blurry. This was, in my opinion, the best mix room in San Francisco, and Alex did a huge part to make it that way. Be shocked and awed by the Neve VR 72.

Alex in Studio A

Then, we have our synth room, here in a not-yet-completed state. By the end, this room was wrapped completely around with synthesizers, including an SMS and Serge modular (pictured). Also pictured, is Matia Simovich, who is responsible for a great deal of upkeep and development in this room.

RML Synth Room

Edwin van der Heide, making a valiant dive to improve audio. Edwin is pictured in the Surround Traffic Control room. This is the monitoring area for the big performance theater.

RML Edwin

Jacob Heule and Tavys Ashcroft in the control room, ensuring good media.

Jacob and Tavys

Tana Sprague and Amanda Aydelott in our gallery. They were responsible for making us all look good by saving the day at shows and actually planning ahead; and also kept the record label, whose name I strangely can’t remember, and well oiled and finely tuned machine.

Tana and Amanda

And last, but certainly not least, Naut Humon. He charges bravely forth into the world of new media. It is our job to look before he leaps.

Naut at RML