Zero1 San Jose: Fashionably Late for the Relationship

Fashionably Late

A second highlight of the Zero1 festival was Fashionably Late For The Relationship a public performance by Lián Amaris Sifuentes, filmed by my friend Luke DuBois. It was presented in two formats, an installation on three screens, with footage being randomly pulled from the extensive footage archives, and an edited feature film version. I much preferred the film, perhaps because one of the major facets of the work is its relationship to time, and a theater setting invites this type of interaction better than a gallery setting.

From the site:

Fashionably Late For The Relationship is a three-day long public performance by Lián Amaris Sifuentes, filmed and digitally compressed into a feature-length video work by R. Luke DuBois. As a woman prepares for a night on the town, three days pass by in the city around her. In the live performance on the Southeast corner of Union Square, her slow, nuanced actions become a counterpoint to and critique of the unnaturally rapid and unyielding pace of the public environment which she redefines as the private, feminine ritual space of a boudoir. Her actions will be captured by a combination of three HD video cameras (wide, medium, and closeup) and a number of small surveillance cameras embedded in her set. The cameras will be shooting the entire time, with the result digitally time-compressed to a 72-minute multi-channel video installation. Accelerated to sixty-times speed in the final video, the barely perceptible acts of her intimate narrative unfold in a radically condensed time frame, making her actions the punctuation within the ephemeral blur of the transformed urban landscape. 

A trailer is also available at BitForms gallery.

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