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Via PixelSumo we see a couple examples of artists reworking their pieces for distribution on the iPhone. The iPhone is an amazing opportunity to distribute interactive art, and I’m glad it is being explored for these purposes. I’ve been wanting to get more into the iPhone myself, but haven’t gone through the steps of getting a developers license.

A great next step in this would be a way to publish finished compositions with this kind of system to the web, so there can be kind of a gallery of user generated content.

If only Apple would remove the restrictions on source distribution, we could build on this kind of work…

Yellowtail on iPhone from Lee Byron on Vimeo.
Golan Levin created Yellowtail in 1998-2000. “an interactive software system for the gestural creation and performance of real-time abstract animation”. A former student of Golans, Lee Byron (in the photos above), is working on converting this artwork for the iPhone, this time with multi-touch input. Golan will be released via the app store soon for a small fee. Here is a work in progress video.

For the programming readers, Lee has put up a bit of interesting info about the development on his blog. Hopefully this will lead to a Processing or openFrameworks style coding environment for creating iPhone applications, thus easier entry points for developers.

Andreas Muller is also working on a port of his popular For All Seasons application.

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