Unfinished Swan

Here is one of the best interactive art pieces I have seen in quite a while. You navigate through a blank white 3d world using a black paintball gun to give form to your surroundings.

I love the feeling of simultaneous creation/discovery that comes from watching (and I’m sure even more so navigating) this work, I think because it is so much like how I view the compositional (or creative) process. There is so much talk about creation, and making music or software or art, but I’ve never really felt that this feeling is accurate myself. It has always felt to me more like archeology or curation, uncovering, dusting off, and then presenting a certain selection of sounds to a listener. I’ve never felt like I really created anything, its more this illusion of creation that is visually evident in this work, even though you are the one welding the paintball gun, the world was already there.

I wonder if it could be a useful compositional metaphor. I often find myself thinking about sound design in terms of physical objet sonore being twisted and viewed in space. I can imagine some sort of system for placing sounds around a space mapped to objects and then shining a spotlight on them to control their sounding.

The Unfinished Swan – Tech Demo 9/2008 from Ian Dallas on Vimeo.

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