Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group, 12/04/08

If you haven’t seen the great projects currently in development at CNMAT, then head over tomorrow night to see some great examples of electronic performance interfaces and novel new spatialization.

Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group (BArCMuT)
Presentations @ UC Berkeley CNMAT, 1750 Arch St, Berkeley, CA
Thursday, December 4, 2008 7:00 PM
Please RSVP Here:

Thank you to UC Berkeley’s Center for New Music & Audio Technologies (CNMAT) for hosting this month’s Bay Area Computer Music Technology group presentations!

Our presenters this month from CNMAT will be:
– Adrian Freed (Research Director) will give a brief overview of CNMAT research and will demonstrate some new IDE-free micro-controller programming techniques using OSC that are part of a project to substitute Arduino/Wiring for more modern, rapid prototyping techniques. He will also show some music and general gestural controllers and other DIY projects using fiber fabric and malleable materials.
– David Wessel (CoDirector) will present his many touch instrument and briefly describe the new Berkeley parallel computing lab (
– John MacCallum will present CNMAT’s 120 element Spherical Loudspeaker with various beam forming and musical applications.

Bios and additional information are available at the CNMAT website: