Overlap Max/MSP/Jitter Salon – Feb 4th 2009

Wednesday night Feb 4th, 2009 from 7-9 pm @ Sound Arts Recording Studio 520 Hampshire street, suite #206 SF, CA 94110

We are revitalizing the Overlap Salon series with a new event on Feb 4. I’m taking over the reigns, and we are planning what promises to be a a very worthwhile series for users of Cycling 74’s powerful New Media creation software Max/MSP/Jitter to share their projects, help overcome problems, and learn new patching techniques. Everyone is welcome regardless of previous experience, and we will try to cater to all skill levels.

Our salons will be a mix of presentations and ad-hoc discussion, dependent upon what kinds of patches and issues are brought to the table. I will be discussing preset storage using the pattr system; one of the most powerful and perhaps least understood of Max’s object sets. We’ll cover some tips and tricks for integrating preset communication into your patches as unobtrusively as possible.

At this first event we will try to set some itinerary for what people are interested in discussing at future salons, so try to show up and lend your ideas.

Max/MSP/Jitter patches covered in the Salon will also be shared on Overlap.org following the event. All participants are encouraged to bring your their own laptop, and libations. WIFI provided in case I’m boring.