The Fat Man and Circuit Girl

I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t help alert the world to The Fat Man and Circuit Girl, a podcast about making things, electronics, modification, and generally wresting control back from technology as it slowly saps the utility from our primal skillsets.

The Fat Man you may know from his illustrious, nay legendary, career in music for video games. His book I would call a must read, even for people not directly involved in music for games. He is also one of the forces behind Project Bar-B-Q which was an un-conference before conferences were even “un”. It’s goal is “Influencing Audio Hardware and Software Over the Next Five Years”, and any look at the reports should convince you that its been successful in its goal.

Circuit Girl I have only had the opportunity to be acquainted with via this podcast unfortunately, but she seems super rad.

Anyone with an interest in electronics projects and technology should keep up on this show.

In this episode:

In part A of episode 10 inventor Ralph Baer best known for creating the first home video game console and the electronic game Simon joins us and talks about his start in electronics and toy design. George shows heads up display that doubles for a down camera and harmonic drive ideas. Jeri shows transducers, quartz lamps for furnace elements and a quick introduction to FPGAs

The Fat Man and Circuit Girl Cast 10 Part A from Jeri Ellsworth on Vimeo.

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