The Frank Chu Media Détente

Frank Chu

If you live in San Francisco for any amount of time, you are probably familiar with Frank Chu. I was walking through union square with Jon Phillips and Pete Ippel after the Leonardo LASER event tonight, when we saw Frank standing to the side of a newscaster. We waited expectantly for quite some time to see Frank run out into the camera in the middle of the cast.

As we waited, and the cast started and stopped however, something seemed amiss. Then, they handed Frank the mike, and started taping him as he elaborated on his plight. From talking to the cameramen after, apparently they have worked out a tentative deal…Frank stays out of the newscasts in exchange for getting taped after they are off air. They never make it to air, but it seems there is a very large archive of Frank Chu video sitting on shelves in a great many media outlets around the city.

Surround cinema anyone?

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