June 3rd: Overlap Max/MSP Salon


Wednesday night June 03, 2009 from 7-9 pm @ Sound Arts – 520 Hampshire street, suite #206 SF, CA 94110

Tomorrow night is the monthly Max/MSP salon, hosted by Overlap.org and Sound Arts. This is our venue to share patches, ideas, and techniques related to Cycling ’74s new media toolkit. We are excited that Ableton Live is now a part of the Overlap Salon, and we are the new Ableton Live user group of San Francisco.

The salon will begin with a short introduction by all participants, and followed by a quick presentation. The remainder of the time will be spent collectively working and thinking about “the project of the day”. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience using Max/MSP/Jitter or Ableton Live.

This month is particularly exciting because we have a special presentation from Vlad Spears, of Daevlmakr, on a new patch he created called Honeycomb.

I set out to make a Max app that would map tónová mrízka onto the Manta. The tonal relationships seemed complicated on first glance, then I realized the entire chart could be created by a simple pattern of four intervals repeated twice on each row with note staggering at row start points. Once I had this puzzle solved, mapping the Czech akordu diagrams to the Manta turned out to be surprisingly easy. A dollop of royal jelly was applied to allow a wider working range of octaves without repeats, but from overlapped simplicity came very natural seeming complexity.

Honeycomb is the result.

Come by to share your own work, get inspired, maybe learn something, or just hang out with like minded practioners of the media art programming world.